about me

hello! — i’m kristy. welcome to here. 👇

napkin soup’s name was born out of a particularly disastrous dinner with my oldest son, wherein he shredded a napkin into his soup while his parents weren’t paying enough attention — and proceeded to take glops of the napkin and place them on his head. he just stared at us while the soup dripped from his hair down his face. I felt like while i was watching it that i had rarely, if ever, seen anything so bold. if i didn’t know i’d end up bathing him and cleaning the kitchen because of it, i really might have admired him.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

everyone i know has gotten tired of listening to me talk about home decor and design, so *BOOM*. now you get to be my listening ears. thank you, and bless you.

when i’m not here agonizing over sofa choices and pendant lighting, i can be found playing with my three boys, or watching movies (after the aforementioned three boys are in bed) with my husband. thanks for stopping by. stick around, anything’s* possible!



*i’m legally obligated to note that anything is in fact not possible.



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