the ultimate guide to modern rattan chairs

Modern Rattan Chair from The Citizenry
fact check: the above is *not* a rattan chair — it’s actually leather. BUT it did make me think of rattan chairs, so there you go

After seeing and instantly falling in love with this chair from The Citizenry, I’ve been fixating on modern-style rattan chairs.

I’ve never been a big fan of rattan. Historically I’ve associated it with the kind of wicker furniture you might associate with your grandparents’ patio.

Fun fact — it turns out wicker is a furniture-making technique, and wicker furniture can be made out of many different materials. Rattan, on the other hand, is a material — a vine, to be precise, closely related to the palm tree. Rattan is actually one of the strongest woods.

I’m happy to see rattan enjoying a comeback. Check out these photos for some examples of rattan done right — and inspiration for your very own rattan furniture that will fit in with your completely stylish modern bohemian home (right guys??):

Rattan Flynn Lounger Chair form World Market


Rattan Kids Chair Antoinette from The Land of Nod

Diamond Rattan Chair from Wend Studio


Rattan Hanging Chair from Anthropologie


Rattan Luna Chair from Article


Rattan Basket Chair from Modish


Rattan Chair from


Rattan Pari Chair from Anthropologie


What do you think? Are you ready to welcome rattan into your home?

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Rattan Chairs ::

10 thoughts on “the ultimate guide to modern rattan chairs

  1. I like rattan chairs as well. They are always elegant, always in, yet can bring a whimsical vibe. You picked some awesome pieces. Pinned this post.

  2. I would love that swing in my house. That blue chair is cute too. At my parents house we used have a papasan chair that was made of wood but had a cushion in it.

    1. A papasan chair with a cushion sounds so comfy! I love that blue one too — I’d be tempted to order it but I have three boys, and I feel like it would be more at home in a girls’ room maybe…

  3. These chairs are so cool! I especially love the swing <3 I don't know how kid friendly they would be but I would love to hang a couple somewhere in my home.

    1. You’re so right Brittany, and my husband is trying to talk me out of putting a hanging chair in our home because he thinks the kids will go crazy with it. And honestly, he’s probably right. 😉

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